Our History


About Us

Associated Independent Adjusters has been in operation for more than 35 years, now with 10 offices and 28 licensed adjusters across British Columbia.  We have handled claims on behalf of all major insurance carriers in Canada, as well as various syndicates with Certain Underwriters at Lloyds, London, various government entities, and other private work.  Our adjusters have backgrounds in policing, construction, restoration, and many other fields.  Due to the close relationship amongst our staff we are able to draw on all of that knowledge at any given time, and regularly do so. 

Our firm’s success is tied to both its people and the way the firm handles claims.  AIA has focused on claims handling in mid-size communities across British Columbia because we recognize that broker-client relationships are significantly different here than they are in large cities.  Our philosophy is that everyone should be involved in the claims process – it is a partnership between the insurance company, the broker and the adjuster, where everyone has something to contribute.  We feel that we have a unique perspective on the claims process in small towns and are able to provide the level of service required for those markets.  Our adjusters are local people, who are familiar with the makeup of our individual communities and the players within. 

We also have extensive internal benchmarks and oversight in place to ensure the highest level of service to your clients.